Weird Wrap: Patio sex could get B.C. tenant tossed

 Young couple wearing underwear, embracing on balcony. Stock photo by Getty Images

Can you get booted from your home over some public hanky-panky?

A Victoria man is fighting eviction from his subsidized housing unit after the building’s caretaker saw a couple having oral sex on the tenant’s patio.

The caretaker said he was “shocked” to see the couple, which was fully visible to any residents, including children and seniors.

Tenant Steven Bristow says it wasn’t him, but two transients collecting bottles out of the building’s trash area. He insists he was inside the apartment but had no idea what was going on.

He took his case to the Residential Tenancy Branch, but it apparently believed he was hosting some sort of patio bordello and sided with the landlord. He’s now filed his case with B.C.’s Supreme Court.

Ottawa the adultery capital?

Wow, who says Ottawa is dull?

Facing a massive data breach that created millions of fearful philanderers, online adultery aid Ashley Madison is claiming that a whopping one in five Ottawans use its service.

Ashley Madison (and plenty of online two-timers) were scrambling to protect customer data this week after a hacker group threatened to leak member identities unless the site shut down immediately and for good.

Parent company Avid Life Media says it’s managed to secure the site and is working with police to track the hack.

That should prompt a major sigh of relief in the nation’s capital, if you believe ALM’s statistics.

Data from the Toronto-based company says almost 190,000 users are registered in Ottawa. With a population of just over 883,000, that would make it the most adulterous city in Canada, possibly on the planet.

Of course, the stats are questionable. The company has faced a lawsuit from one worker who said she typed up thousands of fake profiles and some users complain the site has an abundance of fake female members used to lure more paying males.

Killer goes a-courting

But hey, enough sex. Let’s talk about love. Creepy, disturbing love.

Convicted murderer Luka Magnotta has quit an online dating site for inmates because he apparently “found what he was looking for.”

The 33-year-old who murdered and dismembered Chinese student Jun Lin and mailed his hands and feet to political offices, was looking for a single white male, someone "loyal, preferably educated, financially and emotionally stable for a long term committed relationship."

Disturbingly, it seems to have only taken a couple of weeks. Conversely, many non-murderers can spend years on dating sites with no luck at all.

Magnotta sent a letter to site owner Melissa Fazzina asking for his profile to be removed, but offered no further details on who or what this soulmate is.

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