Weird Wrap: Edmonton City Council debates snack trays on Election Day

A vegetable snack tray.
A vegetable snack tray. iStock/Getty Images

You think all levels of government in Canada were concerned with the federal election on Monday? Think again.

Edmonton City Council was debating about snack trays on Monday. You heard right: snack trays. You know, because it’s more important to pick your food than your national government.

The Edmonton Youth Council decided months ago, that the city council was consuming too much meat and that there should be more vegan alternatives in their food choices. So, they campaigned for three vegan trays as a “more flexible” alternative.

The youth council thought it would be a great idea to pitch plant-based food or food sourced from local businesses. Unfortunately for them, the counsellors were having none of it, and decided against the alternative snacks.

Some counsellors were not happy about the snack tray debate happening on Election Day, including Counsellor Ed Gibbons who grumpily said: “It’s bad enough that we have to drink this horrible coffee…I could be voting right now instead of wasting my time on this.”

However, one party did emerge victorious and in a good mood: the Cattleman’s Association, who was quite pleased with the outcome of the pro-meat debate.

Lack of bell on bicycle results in criminal charges for Edmonton man

Clang, clang, clang goes the trolley, ding, ding, ding goes the bell.

Well, the bell didn’t ding for one Edmonton man, because he didn’t have one affixed to his bicycle – and boy did that lead to a lot of trouble for him.

The man was stopped by Edmonton police when he was riding on the sidewalk without the required bell, but they ended up charging him with a lot more than not just having a bell on his bike.

Not only did the man give the police a false name when they stopped him, ending up in obstruction of justice charges, but when they attempted to arrest him, a knife fell out of his pants.

As if that wasn’t enough, the police also found drugs, trafficking equipment, and a sawed-off shotgun.

The man is now facing a whole slew of criminal charges next to the little ticket he got for failing to have a bell.

Saskatchewan couple hide winning lottery ticket under a shirt

Remember the days when your grandmother hid her money in her sock – which was then hidden somewhere at the bottom of her mattress - instead of bringing it to the bank?

One Saskatchewan couple obviously does. They decided to hide their winning lottery ticket, worth $2 million in a purse under a shirt.

Romel and Esther Mendoza hit the jackpot two weeks ago, when, in a draw of the Western 649, they realized they had won a lot of money. Although, they initially thought it was only $200,000.

When asked why they chose such a place for the safekeeping of their new nest egg, the couple said they didn’t know what else to do with it.

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