Weird Wrap: Did former Harper aide broker deal for escort girlfriend?

caption: Bruce Carson, a former Stephen Harper adviser, makes his way to the court house in Ottawa, Monday September 14, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

This one is about a pretty girl.

Bruce Carson, a former top aide and a senior advisor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper from 2006 to 2008 pleaded not guilty to one count of influence peddling this week. He is also charged with three counts of prohibited lobbying.

Carson says he only wanted to help his then-fiancé, Michele McPherson, leave her escort life behind when he offered to assist her employer — H2O Water Professionals — get meetings with government officials in 2010 and 2011. The meetings resulted in H2O obtaining a deal to sell water purification equipment to First Nations communities.

What did the girl get you ask? There was evidence tendered in court that she received a contract in 2010 that entitled her to a 20-per-cent commission on any future sales of water equipment to First Nations. The Crown maintains she had “no background, no experience, nothing” in relation to water purification products.

It’s also alleged Carson persuaded H2O to buy a table at a Christmas party held by the Assembly of the First Nations for $5,000, but he gave the money to McPherson.

Harper says these are the actions of a private citizen after he left office.

Would you like a cat with your coffee?

Speaking of beautiful things, two friends are fighting to open up a special type of coffee shop in Toronto this month — a cat café to be exact.

The two business partners quit their jobs in Saskatchewan, moved to Toronto and are investing all their money to bring a kitty-fix to cat lovers. They intend to obtain 10 cats from a local animal shelter that will hang around the coffee shop to be petted and played with, while customers devour specialty drinks and pastries.

Cat cafés are already popular in Asia and are making their way to Europe and the United States. Vancouver gave permission to two female entrepreneurs in July to open the first one in B.C.

Social media sensation and urban deer run over in Vancouver

Cat café owners should ensure this does not happen to their beloved animals.

Once upon a time there was a black-tailed young deer who roamed downtown Vancouver and captured the hearts of residents and tourists. Many took selfies with him and he even has his own twitter account @DowntownDeer, until one day he got hit by a car and died.

The prominent urban deer was fatally struck last weekend on Stanley Park Causeway.

A statement by the B.C. Ministry of the Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations said the dead animal is “very likely” the social media sensation of recent months. The statement added that the ministry was thinking of relocating the deer, but had not reached a decision before the animal died.

A biologist from Vancouver Park Board said the deer swam the Burrard Inlet, from Vancouver’s North Shore, and made it to Stanley Park where he found a new home among the grass and shrubs this summer.

This tale teaches us that wildlife belongs in the wild no matter how much human interaction it receives.

B.C. bear cub photo bombs wedding

Thankfully, no one killed the little cub that crashed a wedding in Burnaby B.C. this week.

Clara and Farsi Ataya were exchanging their wedding vows when the guests noticed a cub going through the food at a picnic table right behind the bride and the groom.

The couple were not phased by the little bear though and continued with the ceremony after a short pause. If this is not true love, we don’t know what is.

The entire wedding party eventually ran toward the cub while clapping loudly. It did the trick. The bear was scared away. No one, however, knows what ultimately happened to the cub. Another urban legend in the making? We will leave that to the Twitter gods.

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