Weird wrap: Can nudity cause earthquakes?

racks on the road caused by an earthquake in Bhaktapur, Nepal April 26, 2015.  REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Two Canadians are among those now officially detained in Malaysia because their nudity caused an earthquake.

Lindsey and Danielle Petersen, siblings from Saskatchewan, are among the group of about 10 Western tourists who stripped down for a nude photo at Mount Kinabalu on May 30. Less than a week later, a massive earthquake struck the mountain and killed 18 climbers.

Malaysian authorities blame the nudists, saying their indecent behaviour angered spirits on the sacred mountain.

Police arrested several participants and on Wednesday obtained a court order to detain the Canadians and two others while they conduct further investigations.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it’s assisting the Petersens.

Assault with a deadly statue

An Oshawa, Ont. resident suffered a painful lesson in keeping dangerous collectibles around his home after a robbery this week.

A man was attacked with a sword and a metal statue inside his home by an apparent acquaintance, police said.

The assailant stole cash and a cellphone and continued his attack until the victim managed to squeeze out a basement window.

Police quickly caught up to the suspect near the scene, and he faces charges including assault causing bodily harm, possession of a dangerous weapon, and possession of marijuana.

Beer sign burglary

Ontario residents may remember those big orange 1970’s-style Beer Store signs. At least police hope you do, since they’re trying to find a stolen one.

Owners of a recently rebranded Beer Store in Almonte, Ont. were planning to sell the old sign for a charity auction, but thieves got to it first.

The store owner posted photos of the sign on Facebook with a plea for the thieves to pay $500 for leukemia research or he’d go to the police.

The store is one of the top local fundraisers for annual leukemia charity drives.

As the Facebook post notes, the sign is “large and can’t be missed.” It’s probably decorating some fratboy’s living room right now, but how long can you keep an enormous orange sign hidden anyway?

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