Tim Hortons snake toss surfaces on social media

Tim Hortons snake toss surfaces on social media

One of Canada’s oddest crimes of 2014 occurred in December when a customer at a Saskatoon Tim Hortons threw a snake behind the counter after a disagreement about the ingredients of his breakfast sandwich.

While it turned out to be a harmless garter snake, the slithering serpent initially provoked a panicky exodus of customers and staff.

Two men were charged with mischief and causing a disturbance.

Now video of the incident has surfaced on social media, apparently on the YouTube account of one of the two suspects.

 While the strange incident was originally characterized as an argument over diced onions, the video shows two young men placing bizarre orders such as teriyaki chicken on a BLT sandwich, and generally provoking staff.

Watch the video below or skip to approximately 4:16 for the snake toss.


The two men, Luke Apooch and Christopher Cook, both 20, were formally charged in court this week and are scheduled to make another appearance in February.

The snake was adopted, named Outlaw, and will be released in spring.

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