B.C. cops tweet about lame traffic excuses

A police officer writing a ticket. Stock photo by Getty Images.

Being a police officer is a difficult and stressful job, but at least there’s the occasional entertainment that comes from hearing people try to worm their way out of traffic tickets.

It’s “Driving excuses week” for police in Abbotsford, B.C. The department’s Twitter feed is full of some of the weirdest and weakest excuses they’ve ever heard.

It’s become an annual online event as the department tries to humorously highlight bad driving habits. Given the ridiculous excuses still coming up in 2015, the campaign may not be that effective. But it’s pretty entertaining.

The campaign started in 2013 with some of these gems:

And the 2014 edition showed drivers weren’t getting any smarter:

Well, one driver wised up a bit, just not in the right way. The campaign didn’t improve their driving habits, but just made them more self-conscious.

I have an excuse but I'm not going to give it and be part of your stupid driver thing!

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